Our Guide to Custom Printed Packaging! 

We would like to help you understand the custom printed packaging process because we're the experts... and you may not be!

Here at Short Run Packaging we believe it is important to educate the customer as many may not understand the process that needs to occur in order to have beautiful product packaging.



In this guide we will walk you through the packaging process and how you would interact with our company along the way. We have also included other relevant information that you may find useful. Please use the table of contents to navigate to the various blog posts in this guide. Click on the title to see the post.

As part of our guide to custom printed packaging we will firstly look at the packaging process, so you can understand the process behind creating a box for your product! The process involved...Read more

2.Primary and Secondary Packaging


In this blog post as part of our guide to custom printed packaging we will explain the difference between primary and secondary packaging and why some products will encounter this two step method to...Read more


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3.Packaging Inventory Management


What to do with all those boxes?   There is a way to manage your packaging inventory - We have a solution where by you can store your boxes with us and we create stock product(s) in our online...Read more


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4.Packaging Terminology


Are you confused by packaging terminology? Use this table below to decode the bulk of the jargon. Term Description Bleed This is additional image area which allows trimming to cut into...Read more



5.Packaging Design 


This of course is subjective but having a clear idea of your packaging design is the core of the process. This isn’t the artwork, the graphic design but the mechanics of how the box or sleeve etc. will fit around your product...Read more


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